Können vermittelt – mit Powerserv


With its Payroll service, Powerserv slips into the employer’s role on behalf of your company. This may be necessary if you simply cannot do without any of your team members or even need reinforcements, but are faced with strict headcount targets. In these cases Powerserv will hire your current or new staff and lease them back to you for a limited or unlimited period as agency staff. This helps you keep hold of the people you cannot do without or even to strengthen your team as the needs arise. 

And in this, Powerserv charges only for its actual costs, along with a premium to cover payroll accounting and administration.

Services and benefits at a glance: 

  • Assignment of staff under a contract of employment with full social security contributions
  • Coordination of contracts and administration
  • Proper, transparent payroll accounting
  • Maintain or even expand your existing team, despite reducing headcount
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