Können vermittelt – mit Powerserv

Agency staff

Powerserv employs the agency staff, but they work at your company. So the actual employment contract is between Powerserv and the employee, who then has a working relationship with your company. How long the employee stays at your company is therefore determined on an individual basis.

There are many advantages to this kind of employment from a company's point of view. These include:

  • bridging staff shortages due to holidays and sickness;
  • coping with high order inflow or;
  • providing cover during seasonal peaks.

Temporary employment can also be used specifically to recruit permanent staff or to boost productivity.

Maintaining a pool of flexible staff that can be perfectly tailored to fluctuations in the order situation is another major advantage, as is avoiding an expensive search for suitable staff and the risks associated with being an employer.

Powerserv handles holidays and sick leave, which are normally risks that the companies carry. You will face no additional costs when employees are off sick.

So all in all, our HR services can substantially boost your competitiveness. 

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