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Finding a job

The following diagram illustrates POWERSERV's job search and application process.

Kleine Schritte, großer Erfolg
Schritt 1


Unsolicited application

Unsolicited application

Job advertisement

Job advertisement

Schritt 2



Personal interview

You are the focus of the personal interview. We want to get to know you and all aspects of your personality. Even if your profile doesn‘t entirely match the advertised vacancy, it may still be possible to find your ideal job.

Selection of suitable jobs

Your consultant understands the vacancies and obtains all the relevant information about them
in advance, such as:

  • What are the specific responsibilities?
  • What training and qualifications are required?
  • Which employment law provisions apply?
  • Which software programmes are used?
  • What is the age structure of the team?
  • Who is the superior?

Your profile is subsequently compared with our job profiles (applicant/job matching), and we preselect
the positions that would essentially produce a good fit.

Schritt 3


Orientation meeting


During the orientation meeting, we‘ll present the jobs we believe are suitable. „Soft factors“, such as working environment, age structure, etc., are also discussed. On this basis, you can then decide whether to apply for any one of the preselected jobs.

Schritt 4


Presentation to the customer


If your profile is also of interest to our customer, we‘ll arrange an interview appointment.


Applicant pool

If you are unsuccessful

This way we still know you, appreciate you, your personality and skills, and will therefore continue to let you know whenever suitable vacancies arise – without any obligation or commitment on your part.

Schritt 5


If you are successful

There are three options:


Appointment as an agency temp

You will be appointed by Powerserv, but will work at a client company. This way you will have an employment contract with us – covering all your social security benefits, rights and obligations. When your assignment at the client company comes to an end, we‘ll arrange a follow-on assignment at another company.

Anstellung durch Kundenunternehmen

Appointment by a client company following successful recruitment

The employment contract covering all your rights and obligations will be concluded between you and the client company.

Anstellung als interner Mitarbeiter

Appointment as an internal employee

Powerserv is constantly strengthening its own sales, finance and other teams. You will work exclusively for Powerserv.

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