Können vermittelt – mit Powerserv

Industry, trade and commerce

Industry, trade and commerce place a variety of requirements in staff. Powerserv understands the needs of companies operating in these fields. We recruit or lease out skilled, motivated staff for virtually all areas of industry, trade and commerce.

We recruit or lease out

  • electricians, mechatronic engineers, control engineers, electrical assistants, etc.

  • metalworkers, welders, toolmakers, CNC lathe operators/cutters, metalworker's assistants, etc.

  • pipe fitters, central heating engineers, plumber's assistants, etc.

  • joiners and cabinet makers, wood technicians, joiner's assistants, etc.

  • industrial fitters, steel construction installers, crane drivers, fitter's assistants, etc.

  • assembly line workers, machine operators, etc.
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