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Staff Recruitment

The following illustrates the application and selection process Powerserv will use for your company.

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Staff requirements

Staff requirements

Schritt 1


Orientation meeting
Information-gathering visit

This is where we document your specific requirements and the nature of your vacancies. We need this initial consultation and analysis to be in a position to submit an offer for the service required (recruitment, employee leasing). We therefore gather all the relevant facts::

  • How many staff for which positions
  • Desired training, knowledge/skills
  • Required soft skills
  • Description of specific responsibilities
  • Required programs (software), machinery, tools, etc.
  • Working hours
  • Any applicable employment law provisions
  • Work wear regulations

„Soft factors“ are also documented, including:

  • Age structure of the team, working environment
  • Any specific features of the company
  • Any other work-related issues ...
Schritt 2


Offer / recruitment request

Based on the facts available, we will submit an offer which gives you a transparent overview of the service and costs that you can commission.

Schritt 3


Selection based on short-listed profiles

Within a very short time, you will receive selected shortlisted profiles of applicants whose suitability has been tested in advance, and who are also willing to take the job. You then choose which of the proposed candidates you would like to interview.

Schritt 4




Powerserv will coordinate all the interview appointments and provide support when necessary. We will take all the organisation off your hands.

Schritt 5


Candidate selection / appointment

There are two options for this.


Agency staff

Powerserv makes the appointment, but the employee works at your company. The employment contract is concluded between Powerserv and the applicant.



Your company makes the appointment. The employment contract directly regulates all the rights and obligations arising from the applicant‘s employment with your company.

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