Können vermittelt – mit Powerserv

Tailor-made solutions/services

Powerserv is particularly skilled at implementing individual HR projects, which we design and perform streamlined to your requirements. Here are a few examples:

Master Vendor

As master vendor, we can manage all of your HR service provider contracts.

Our master vendor services at a glance:

  • Deployment of all temporary staff
  • Coordination with individual co-suppliers
  • Coordination with client contacts
  • Management of temporary staff
  • Contract fulfilment
  • Periodic billing (summary, control)

The short lines of communication deliver a number of benefits:

  • A single point of contact
  • Increased efficiency
  • Transparent billing

If required, we can also provide this service directly on-site.


We can also set up an on-site office if you have a particularly high and sustained demand for temporary staff at a particular location. To ensure your project consultant is always on hand when needed.

This produces a number of benefits:

  • Staff satisfaction due to on-site support
  • Less time spent on coordination – a tangible relief
  • Reduction in HR costs due to management of tasks by our on-site office
  • Short response times
  • Pooling of all required coordination and supervision relating to the deployment of temporary staff


Powerserv also develops and coordinates the recruitment process for positions within your company as a separate service. 

Staff requirements/orientation meeting/information-gathering visit

This is where we document your specific requirements and the nature of your vacancies, collecting all the facts we need:

  • How many employees for which positions
  • Desired training, knowledge/skills
  • Required soft skills
  • Description of specific responsibilities
  • Required programs (software), machinery, tools, etc.
  • Working hours
  • Any applicable employment law provisions
  • Work wear regulations

 "Soft factors" are also documented, including:

  • Age structure of the team, working environment
  • Any specific features of the company
  • Any other work-related issues ...

Selection based on short-listed profiles

Within a very short time, you will receive selected short-listed profiles of applicants whose suitability has been tested in advance, and who are also willing to take this job. You then choose which of the proposed candidates you would like to interview.


Powerserv will coordinate all the interview appointments and provide support when necessary. We will take all the organisation off your hands.

Candidate selection/appointment

Training courses

Powerserv's specially-developed training courses can create real added value for your business. By combining decades of HR knowledge with traditional training expertise, we are able to provide training for both general and specific HR issues.

This includes training in the areas of staff planning, recruitment, controlling, development and the legal and regulatory requirements. 

>> Kontaktieren Sie unsere Berater, um mehr über unsere Schulungen und Trainings zu erfahren.

Support bei Human-Ressource-Teilprozessen
Als Experten im Personalwesen kennen wir uns sowohl mit dem großen Ganzen und als auch sämtlichen Details aus. So bieten wir Ihnen unsere Unterstützung auch in speziellen Teilbereichen an. Gerne übernehmen wir Einzelleistungen wie z.B. die Personaladministration und die Übernahme der Personalverrechnung.

Assistance with HR sub-processes

As HR experts, we are familiar with the big picture and the finer details, enabling us to assist you in specific areas, also. We would be pleased to handle individual services, including HR administration or payroll accounting.

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