Können vermittelt – mit Powerserv

Why Powerserv?

Why it is better to recruit your new employees with Powerserv

There are many reasons to turn to Powerserv, Austria's leading HR services provider, to recruit new staff. And here are just a few of them: 


As our customer, you will be looked after by your personal Powerserv Consultant, who has detailed knowledge and understanding of both HR services and the industry.

>>Your vacancies are filled professionally, quickly and above all properly. 


With 37 branches, Powerserv has extensive support and service networks.

>>You receive comprehensive HR services throughout Austria. So your regional offices benefit from personal support on the ground.


Our 170 employees in 37 branches and our international network offer you the capacity and competencies to manage virtually any assignment.

>>We can provide all of your HR services, whatever you need and wherever you need it – regionally, nationally and internationally.


As a group company, Powerserv is a financially strong, independent entity. So we only answer to our customers and employees, not to investors. 

>>With Powerserv, you can rely on long-term stability and sustainable financial security in all your projects. 


Powerserv treats all its stakeholders fairly and as the law requires. For Powerserv, compliance with all legal requirements goes without saying. 

>>You receive the best possible advice from Powerserv, also in legal matters.


Our Powerserv Consultants know the job-seekers personally. Individual assessment methods are also used to obtain information on their qualifications and suitability.

>>The staff you recruit are more than just adequate; they are a perfect match for your vacancies.


Powerserv can provide all the HR services you require – tailored to your specific needs and drawing on synergy within the Powerserv Group to benefit your project. 

>>Powerserv will design, organise and manage your individual HR projects to match your specific requirements.


Powerserv has a proven quality assurance system for its matching process, application and contract management and accounting methods. We also solicit regular customer feedback and perform customer satisfaction analyses. 

>>At Powerserv, the quality of services fits across the board. We track all our processes, and you can be sure our invoices are accurate.

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