Zukunft vermittelt - mit Powerserv

Why Powerserv?

Why it's easier to find a new job with Powerserv

Powerserv offers a number of benefits which will quickly secure your ideal job.
Here is an overview:


At Powerserv, you will receive personal support and advice. Your consultant will focus on your strengths and qualifications, so that they know exactly which job profile is ideal for you. As Austria's leading HR services provider, Powerserv has a wide range of customers who are always looking for staff.

>>As a result, we quickly and efficiently find the right job for you, one that matches your education, qualifications and present situation.


We will support you throughout the entire application process – helping you adapt your application documents, accompanying you to interviews if required and presenting exciting career opportunities and alternatives.

>> In this way we increase your chances of successfully completing the application process and realising your career aspirations.


With 33 branches, Powerserv has one of Austria's widest support and service networks. And a competent team of consultants is waiting to support you at each one.

>> You can personally discuss and deal with any issues directly with your local consultant – quickly and easily.


Transparency, honesty and trust are a key part of Powerserv's corporate philosophy. Complying with all the legal requirements has top priority for us.

>> You receive your salary reliably and on time


Powerserv treats all job-seekers and employees fairly, with a focus on the human touch

>> Powerserv appreciates you, both as an employee and a person.


Powerserv succeeds in finding employment for job-seekers thanks to its outstanding expertise and specialist knowledge.

>> Powerserv provides long-term career prospects.

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